Art - Mrs. Jordan

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Mrs. Jordan
B.A. Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA
Art Teacher k-8th

Welcome Summer 2017! I hope you're all getting outside for some family time, enjoying the sunshine!
If you're looking for some fun activities this summer, there is so much to do like drawing and painting by a shoreline. Our family enjoys Prescott Park, whale watching, hiking, or Star Island for some inspirational settings when making our art. Let's not forget the gorgeous settings around Bow Lake and Northwood Meadows. The top of Blue Job or Near Nippo Golf Club are gorgeous views to illustrate as well.
 It's also fun to create fairy or gnome houses out of natural materials. Summer is also a great time take some photos too! Going to the Dover Children's Museum, or to an Art museum such as Isabella Stuart Gardner or the MFA in Boston are awesome experiences. Look up the days that Museums offer free times if your looking to save some money this summer. If your parent is a teacher they may get in free with their ID. 
Most days I am outside in the summer, but painting or making an animation video inside with some music going is fun on a cloudy day. While camping I always sketch or take photos.
Enjoy your time this summer and if anyone wants touch base with me, I check my email very couple of days.
There are some new murals at the school that Ms. Ray created with art studio students, as well as the kindness puzzle will be displayed soon. 
See around Strafford, Mrs. J

I have taught at Strafford school for 12 wonderful years, I have enjoyed working with families, staff, and the community over these years, and look forward to many years of being the art teacher. The art room is a busy place, lots of creativity! I have a curriculum I developed that aligns with state and common core standards, Throughout a students' stay here at Strafford, they build on art skill sets, learn about: art methods, self expression, art history and  art appreciation, (to name a few). Below is the general schedule and criteria. If you have any questions about the curriculum please email or make an appointment with me.
Elementary students, k-4, attend art class on a 6 day rotation throughout the school year. Students earn a conduct and effort grade on the trimester report card.

Middle school, 5-8 attend art class on a trimester basis each year. It is a required course all student take part in and is graded. At the middle school level students earn a letter grade as well as a conduct and effort grade. There is a mid term report as well as a final report card grade. As a specialist class the grade influences honor roll criteria.

Students are encouraged to participate in art exhibitions during the course of the year. We take part in the annual holiday art competition hosted by Foster's Daily Democrat, Traveling Art Show, Scholastics Art, and art displays in the school.

Our Arts Committee members: Mrs. Jordan, Mr. Gempp, Mrs. Irons, Ms. Ray, and Ms. Adams.

Art Studio is our after school and summer week arts program for those that want to extend their art making experiences beyond the school day.