Technology and Education
Philosophy of Technology Integration
An Educational Compass

compass_on_map_by_faqeeh-d5x3ob6.jpgA compass is a tool used to show direction, always pointing north, allowing an observer to increase awareness of bearing and direction. When envisioning my role in education, a compass is the symbol that provides the most effective visual representation of a teacher in the 21st century classroom; serving as a navigation tool, guiding without force, and aiding a traveler along their journey. My philosophy of education and technology integration is based on educational and counseling theories and strategies, practices I have observed to be effective, as a student, a teacher, and a parent, and a passionate belief that everyone has ability to develop in the classroom.
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I believe that two of the most powerful things to offer students in the classroom today are technology integration, and an understanding of personal learning style preferences. By providing each of these, we are giving students essential tools they need for advancing in our world. 

Technology Integration
Technology inspires many of us to think of computers, electronics, and modern advances, however, technology is a tool that offers so much more! Technology is an opportunity to use a variety of tools to collaborate, to educate, and to entertain learners. Technology builds connections between users, and encourages exploration. Technology supports a student centered, inquiry based learning that inspires life long learning. Twenty-first century educational technology has the power to transform education, but in order for change to occur, educators must embrace the crossover from technology use to utilization.

Learning Style Preferences
Learning: there is no right way for everyone, but there is a right way for each of us. Discovering that we all learn different ways can be life altering. Understanding how one learns best is the greatest gift a teacher can give to a student, for there are as many different learning styles as there are teaching methods. Technology helps so many students find learning methods and tools that work with individual learning styles and needs. 

I believe that “teaching and learning” is about collaboration; sharing experiences between students and teachers resulting in the provision of tools necessary to build a successful future. I believe that everyone has the ability to learn. Teachers shape and guide the future by serving as a compass for their students. Teachers help steer their students path for the journey ahead. 

~Michele D. Hossack