Mr. Colby

Did you know that mistletoe is Oklahoma's state flower, or that the highest temperature recorded in Louisiana is 114 degrees?  We didn't either, but we do now!

After we were assigned a state, based on the first letter of our name (i.e.  Cathy California), we did some research and found some really fun facts to share and display!



Poetry Fun!

Throughout our school year, we have explored Haiku Poems, Bio Poems, and Limericks, and we had a great time choosing the shapes and colors for our Concrete Poems!

concrete poems



Life Cycle of a Frog

After studying animal classification, we focused on the life cycle of the frog.  We learned that frogs begin life as an egg.  They hatch from the egg as tadpoles.  When their back legs emerge, they are then considered tadpoles with legs.  Front legs emerge, and they are now a froglet.  They are not considered an adult because they still have a tail.  When the tail disappears and lungs develop, they are then considered an adult frog!



Our tadpoles are turning into froglets!



3C Making Clouds!!

Making clouds

Here in Third Grade we are
"Hopping into Spring!" 



We have had a very busy week!

Meteorologist Kevin Skarupa visited on Wednesday March 4th.  He discussed the different types of weather and how they are formed.  He also talked about his job for Channel 9.  The kids are excited to be announced on TV on Tuesday March 10th at 6:15am!

Skarupa Close-up
(Please see our photo gallery for more images.)

On Friday Strafford School celebrated Read Across America Day.  We were fortunate to have Dr. Young read to our class!

Dr Young