Strafford School Exceeds

1000 book Reading Challenge

After our Read Across America week that took place three weeks ago, Dr. Young challenged Strafford School students, teachers and staff to read 1,000 books. Well, the goal was well exceeded with a whopping 2,548 books read in just 3 weeks!

Staying true to his word, our proud principal, Dr. Young, as promised ate two different delicacies, Mexican Spice Worms and Salt and Vinegar Crickets all while dressed in a banana suit!  Not only did he do this once but twice---once for the younger students and once for the older kids!!! Dr. Young could not be more proud and is already brainstorming many ideas for future challenges.  The rest of us, though, are thinking about what he will do next.

Submitted by Ella Brooks, Grade 7